Set of 4 Genuine OEM FL2062A Motorcraft Engine Oil Filters Ford FT4Z6731CA


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Motorcraft oil filters are engineered to help screen out abrasives to help meet today's longer service intervals.
Tested and retested under extreme conditions, Motorcraft filters are also the only filters recommended for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.
Helps protect against engine wear by screening out abrasives, such as carbon, sand, dust and bits of metal
80% efficiency on particles 20 microns and larger.
Cellulose and polyester blend media is formulated for high capacity and strength.
Pressure-relief valves also help maintain the supply of oil to the engine under extreme cold conditions or if the filter gets clogged.
Location of pressure-relief valves helps minimize the chance of contaminated oil circulating back into the engine.
Steel cases are ironed for a precise fit, fluted to ease removal and painted to resist rust.
Anti-drain back valves made of silicone provide greater cold/heat resistance.

Brand: Brand: Motorcraft
SKU SKU: FL2062AB12-4K
Mfg Part #: FL2062AB


Pack of 4 FL2062A FT4Z6731CA (Bulk - no OEM Packaging)

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