Hi-Vis Orange Safety Bandana 20"x20" Skull Cap Doo Rag Chemo Headscarf Dorag


These keep your noggin shielded in the hot summer time and provide warmth during cold weather and winter conditions. Machine washable.

Adjustable back tie straps to tie for a comfortable fit for men, women, teens, tweens, children, girls and boys. One size fits many up to sometimes 23 inches. Dependent on shape of head, amount of hair and each person's personal fit preference.

Sewn-in Sweatband. High Quality construction. Double stitched. Strong, 2-ply ties.
Keep plenty of colors and styles on hand for trips and vacations, lounging, playing, cleaning, gardening, working, exercising, concerts, parties, holidays, team spirit, shopping or while sleeping!

Small and portable. Fold and put into your purse, pocket, glove compartment, locker, gym bag, school or hiking backpack or attach to identify your purse, travel suitcase, carry-on bag, camera storage case or briefcase.

For those of you who have natural baldness, a sensitive scalp or patchy hair due to a medical illness or chemo related hair loss, use these head covers to be bold and make a personal fashion statement. We have an enormous selection of unisex colors, patterns and themed bandana head scarf wraps.

Made from cotton, biker caps breath well and dry quick; thus are perfect to wear under football and motorcycle helmets, baseball caps, fedoras, sun hats, boonies, construction hard hats and visors. The bandana head wraps are useful to help keep dirt and debris out of your flowing locks or off of your noggin while absorbing sweat to keep it out of your eyes.

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20" x 20" Hi Vis Orange Bandana

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