Set of 8 Genuine NGK 94940 Laser Iridium Spark Plug ILKAR7C10


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Thread Diameter: 12 mm
Thread Pitch: 1.25 mm
Seat Type: Gasket
Reach: 26.5 mm (1.04")
Hex Size: 9/16" (14 mm)
Terminal Type: Solid
Overall Height: ISO
Gap: .039" (1.0 mm)
Center Electrode
Material: Iridium
Type: Fine Wire
Size: 0.6 mm
Projection: Non-Projected
Ground Electrode
Material: Platinum
Type: Standard
Resistor: Yes
Resistor Value: 5k Ohm
Heat Range: 7
Torque Specs: Cast Iron: 10.8-18 lb. ft. Aluminum: 10.8-14.5 lb. ft.
Electrode Material: Iridium
Insulator Type: Non-Projected
Nominal Gap: 1 mm

Brand: Brand: NGK
SKU SKU: 94940-8K
Mfg Part #: 94940


NGK 94940 / ILKAR7C10 Laser Iridium Spark Plug

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