Set of 4 Genuine Authentic NGK 2460 Spark Plugs Nickel BKR5ES


Center Electrode Core Material: Copper Core
Center Electrode Material: Nickel
Gap: 0.036"
Ground Configuration: Standard
Ground Electrode Core Material: Nickel Core
Ground Electrode Material: Nickel
Ground Electrode Quantity: 1
Ground Electrode Tip Design: Standard
Heat Range: 5
Hex Size: 5/8"
Insulator Height: 50.50 mm
Longevity: 30k Miles
Overall Height: ISO
Resistance: 5 kOhm
Spark Plug Seat Style: Flat
Thread Diameter: 14 mm
Thread Reach: 0.75"
Thread Size: 0.551"

Designed for consistent performance
Meet OE quality, fit, and function
Manufactured using triple-gasket sealing process to prevent leakage through the shell
Alumina silicate insulator for strength and optimal heat transfer
Solid-copper core for a more powerful spark with less firing voltage
Cold-rolled threads for easier removal and installation
Corrugated ribs eliminate misfire causing “flashover”
Corrosion resistant zinc chromate plating for maximum protection
Provide superior durability

Designed to ignite the air/fuel mixture within the combustion chamber, a spark plug has to withstand the high temperature and combustion pressure within the engine. If everything operates properly, the engine runs efficiently providing optimal performance, maximum fuel economy and the lowest exhaust emissions due to effective combustion. Spark plugs are available in different heat ranges and thread sizes to suit engine requirements. There are several factors - such as thread reach, thread diameter, the insulator nose projection, and whether the spark plug incorporates a gasket or is of the conical type - to consider when choosing the correct spark plug for your needs. When buying these spark plugs by NGK, you are guaranteed that they will meet or exceed OE quality and performance.

These products are adequately protected from combustion gas leaking through the shell thanks to triple-gasket sealing and built with a solid-copper core that produces a more powerful spark with less firing voltage, while most other spark plugs on the market feature only two seals and use a "copper coated" center core. The spark plugs also feature the alumina silicate insulator that is virtually pure to insure dielectric and physical strength, as well as heat transfer away from the tip for maximum performance. To eliminate “flash over,” which can cause misfiring, these products are built with corrugated ribs and feature cold-rolled threads to prevent damage to the cylinder head and make installation and removal easier. In addition, the product is zinc chromate coating double-dipped using exclusive NGK technology for maximum corrosion protection.

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BKR5ES Set of 4 - Nickel Spark Plug by NGK. These product by NGK are the plug of choice in millions of vehicles designed to provide consistent performance while ensuring OE quality, fit, and function. They are manufactured with a solid copper core for superior conductivity and heat dissipation, and a triple-gasket sealing process, which eliminates the possibility of combustion gas leakage through the shell.

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