Optimal German Made G61351 Front Lower Link for 01-05 Audi Quattro


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Replaces: 4Z7407693D, 4Z7-407-693D

Arm. Cntl. Link. Suspension Control. Wishbone.
Suspension component that connects and provides pivotal movement of the Steering Knuckle to he vehicle.

Fits allroad

Allroad; Left.
Suspension Control Arm - Repair or Replace
Control arms often don’t fail on their own, although their associated bushings can break or wear causing a clunk noise when your Audi goes over bumps or changes speed rapidly—whether braking or under hard acceleration. Control arms can also sometimes become bent, causing your vehicle to pull to the left or right.

Brand: Brand: Optimal
SKU SKU: G61351
Mfg Part #: G61351


Front Lower Link

Additional information

Weight 4.75 lbs
Placement on Vehicle

Front, Lower




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