CRC Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner High Strength Formula Non-Chlorinated 15 Pack


Appearance: colorless, liquid
Brand: CRC
Case#: 1003703
Color: None
DOT Proper Shipping Name: Aerosols, Flammable, LIMITED QUANTITY
Evaporation Rate: Fast
Film Type: N/A
Flammability Class - CPSC: Extremely Flammable
Flash point (C): -9
Flash point (F): 15.8
Ford Tox No.: 1281491
Generic Description: Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner
I 2 of 5 Code: 30078254050882
Item Number: 05088
Net Fill: 14 Wt Oz
Plastic Safe: No
Propellant: Carbon Dioxide
Removal (How To): N/A
Restricted From Sale In: CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, IL, IN, ME, MD, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, UT, VA
Specific Gravity: 0.7824
UPC Code: 78254050881
Unit Dimensions: 9.25H x 2.63W x 2.63D in
Unit Package Description: 20 Ounce Aerosol
VOC % (Consumer Product def): 95.8
VOC % (Federal): 95.8
VOC Category: Brake Cleaner
VOC Lbs./Gal. (Federal): 5.84
VOC g/L (Consumer Product def): 700
VOC g/L (Federal): 700
VOC lbs/gal (Consumer Prod def): 5.84

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05088 CRC Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner, Non-Chlorinated
Now Even Stronger - As the market leader in brake parts cleaning technology, CRC Industries is continuously innovating to provide products with a competitive edge that work better and faster to make our end-users’ jobs easier. To that end, we are excited to introduce the latest improvement in a long line of premium, high-performing products. Announcing an improved formula for our High VOC Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner - 05088. The new, more powerful formula cleans and dries faster using less product, allowing end-users to get more accomplished.
Applications: ABS, disc, drum, brake cylinders, brake drums, brake linings, brake shoes, calipers, clutch discs, disc brake pads, discs. Safe for use on all brake systems including: Springs & Wedge brakes

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